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Your Skin’s Best Friend

Unfortunately, most people do not take the time apply a daily moisturiser all over their bodies. A lot of women moisturise only their face and skip the rest of their body, trying to save precious time. The majority of men are afraid it will make them appear too feminine so they just don’t bother. In reality, both genders need to moisturise all over daily. Your moisturiser is your skin’s best friend.

Benefits of Daily Moisturizing

Your skin needs to be rehydrated daily, both from the inside and from the outside. While drinking enough water takes care of the inside, a daily moisturiser applied from head to toe is needed to keep your skin hydrated from the outside.

You will notice a few benefits once you start this routine:

*softer skin,
*smooth, shiny skin,
*less itching, and
*younger looking skin.

Feel your skin now. Is it as soft as it should be? Would you be embarrassed if someone else was touching it, or would they exclaim over it’s softness? When looking in the mirror, does your skin look smooth and shiny, or does it have more of a dull, flaky look? If it is dull and flaky, it is most likely itchy at times.

Do you look at your face and see youthfulness, or are wrinkles starting to show?

If you read this and the answer was dry, flaky, and itchy, you need to moisturise more. If you already use a daily moisturiser and still fell like your skin isn’t smooth and shiny, you are probably in need of a new daily moisturiser.

What to Look For In a Moisturiser

use natural products for your skinSome of the main things to look for in a moisturiser are Hemp Seed oil and Argan oil. They defy ageing as well as make your skin shine. Look for a lotion that combines both of these ingredients for super soft, shiny, young-looking skin. Vitamin C oil, Vitamin E oil, and shea butter also work miracles on your skin.

If you find a lotion that seems to work well for you but is lacking something important, such as Argan oil or Vitamin C oil, it doesn’t mean you have to find a new daily moisturiser. Your local health food store will sell pure organic oils such as these. These stores always carry better quality than a regular pharmacy. You can buy these separate and add them to your lotion. They should not make it greasy if they are pure and of good quality.

When to Moisturize

After a warm shower is the best time for your daily moisturising routine. The warm water opens up your skin pores, and will absorb the moisturiser deeper, making your skin softer and healthier.

Is Your Moisturiser Doing The Job?

The easiest way to know if your moisturiser is working or not is by looking at your face. If it seems dry at all, you need to change moisturisers. An easy way to tell if your face is dry is to pay attention to what your makeup looks like after you apply it. If it looks smooth, your skin is hydrated sufficiently. If it forms little balls and won’t stick smoothly to your skin, you have dry skin.